Beastly Breakfast Blitz

Beastly Breakfast Blitz is a diner dash-esque game that features characters from Pixar's 2013 Monsters University film.

I made the art for a few of the monsters, the food, and animated all of the characters.

Play the game here!

Equestrivia Challenge

Equestrivia Challenge is a trivia game starring ponies from Hasbros My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I was the main artist for this game. I did concept design and assembled show assets into layouts for the kickball game, menus, title and cutscenes. I animated all the characters.

Play the game here!

Marbleous Marvel Coaster

Marbleous Marble Coaster is an HTML 5 interactive building game that stars characters from PBS show: The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

I was the main artist for this game. I made all the original art for the coaster section and animated the character assets for the intro.

Play the game here!

Happy Valentines Play

Happy Valentines Play is an HTML 5 storybook game featuring characters from Nick Jrs Bubble Guppies.

I was the main artist for this game, and did most of the storyboards, layout and original background art. I also created the selection objects and costumes. I animated various characters as well.

Play the game here!

Dan Vs This Game

Dan Vs. This Game features Dan from the Hub show Dan Vs. It's a sidescroller with three seperate levels.

I animated Dan, the supporting characters, most of the enemies (save for some pots & pans on the last level.) I also storyboarded and animated the transitions between the levels.

Play the game here!

Animal School Day

Animal School day is an Ipad App that features characters from Nick Jrs Show Bubble Guppies.

I did storyboards and concept art for this game, as well as various art creation. I animated 3d characters for the intro and main screen. This app was on the best selling app list in education for a while.

Get the app here!

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